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At Green Chi Acupuncture Clinic we have a relaxed and cozy environment where you can disconnect from the business of life, and let the healing energy flow from the abundance of love inside you. Guided by the wisdom of holistic medicine, Elnaz Miri uses her years of experience to create the best treatment plan that helps balance your body, energy and mind. Our goal is to take away your pain and help enhance your quality of life.

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Facial rejevenation

Physical pain


Emotional Issue

Respiratory Issue

Women Health


Sleep Disorder


Stomach pain


Weight loss

Holistic Medicine Helps with Your Overall Health


Boost the immune system


Sedate the nervous system, release natural pain killer


Improve the function of organs


Activate sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve


Improve memory and concentration


Improve bone and teeth health


Balance hormones


Calm the mind


Promote blood circulation


Improve sleeping pattern


Prevent aging


Treat fatigue and lethargic

We Offer Professional Treatments

At Green Chi Acupuncture we walk you through treatment options that can help you reach the realistic health that you desire. Acupuncture, Cupping, Hijamma, Blood letting, Tuina Massage, Life style coaching, Meditation and Tai Qi techniques.


Your discomfort will be treated holistically using a balanced approach method with distal needle acupuncture techniques. 

Cupping Therapy

The suction created with the cups will draw blood up to the surface of the skin and help relax muscles and…

Facial Acupuncture

With a holistic approach, facial acupuncture rejuvenates your skin by increasing blood circulation resulting in collagen production and wrinkle reduction.

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