Elnaz is a registered acupuncturist graduated from PCU college of Holistic Medicine in Vancouver and is a member of ATCMA.

She is very passionate about the holistic methods of treatment. This passion motivated her to move on from a Microbiologist to getting to studying the human body and mind, and the connection between them in order to find a better way of leading a healthy life. Learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine opened an ocean for Elnaz to swim and guide others to this beautiful wisdom of art that we inherit over 3000 years.

She enjoys to sit and get to know about your health condition to help you live a happier and more enjoyable
life by bring your body back to its normal balance with treating the root of the cause and achieve realistic health goals with acupuncture needle techniques,
cupping, hijama, moxibustion and tuina massage.

Elnaz practice balance method acupuncture and distal needling for years.
She successfully helped many clients in private and community style of practice, visiting over 20 patients
per day during past 2 years.

Elnaz believes in working with individuals to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness

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